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Blog title: KATIE PERRY vs KATY PERRY Trademark. Two disco girls fighting


Problems caused by sharing nearly the same name. The Federal Court of Australia has held …

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Black Friday trade mark clash over a major retail event: sign and shopping. Shopping cart trolley with black bag in cart

Black Friday: Back in Black

A trade mark clash over a major retail event Black Friday is a US institution …

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Banksy Flower Thrower

Banksy: Flower Thrower trade mark thrown out

Banksy comes a cropper at the Trade Mark Registry The famously anonymous street artist Banksy …

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Why Trade Marks Matter

Trade marks play a pivotal role in business success by protecting brand identities and distinguishing products and services in the marketplace. Understanding the nuances of trade mark law, policies, and practices is essential for individuals and businesses aiming to safeguard their valuable intellectual property assets and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Big brands need to follow the rules

Playing Silly Burgers

Even the biggest brands need to follow the rules Even the biggest brands need to …

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Nusret Gökçe A pinch of salt

Nusret Gökçe: A pinch of salt

A celebrity chef makes a move We were flicking through the internet this morning, wondering …

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Louboutin red shoes a bright red high heel shoe

Louboutin: We got sole

Colour marks are a high-end purchase – like designer shoes! This week, we’ve been mostly …

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prevent punning use of their name or trade mark

Beyoncé in Feyoncé melée

How far can someone prevent punning use of their name or trade mark? A trade …

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Trump Money and power can’t get you everything. Hollywood Star

iTrump trumps Trump

This story goes to show that money and power can’t necessarily get you everything you …

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Darjeeling brands and geographical designations. A nice cup of tea

Darjeeling gets its knickers in a twist

Another look at the interface between brands and geographical designations We like nothing better than …

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Stay Informed with Timely Trade Mark News

Our trade mark-focused blog posts and articles cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that you are well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to protect your brands or make informed decisions. From discussing recent trade mark infringement cases to offering guidance on trade mark registration, brand management, licensing, and global trademark issues, our content caters to the diverse needs and interests of our esteemed readers.

Toxic brands

A brand with slave-owning connotations decides to do the decent thing In order to perform …

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In the (Brew)Dog house

Another case of overzealous brand enforcement resulting in a bad hangover BrewDog, crafter of ‘punk’ …

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Michael Jordan Trade mark rights battle in China: Basketball and hoop

I looked over Jordan (but overlooked Qiáodān)

Michael Jordan in a battle for his Chinese trade mark rights Five years ago, basketball …

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Cronuts holes in donut brand protection

Completely Cronuts

Identifying holes in donut brand protection Exciting food brand-related news reveals that London’s first official …

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Creatives Brands are more than just trade marks. Band being filmed

Dry January

Brands are more than just trade marks – you need to be careful how you …

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Kylie She should be so lucky

Kylie: She should be so lucky!

This town ain’t big enough for the both of our brands… Some celebs are so …

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It’s beginning to look not enough like Christmas…

An unnecessary political intervention on Christmas branded coffee cups So, well, it’s only November and …

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A Byword For Cheese

The perils of a brand becoming too well-known You know your trade mark has really …

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Lego protects 3D shapes

Lego Trademark

Looking into how trade marks can protect 3D shapes Parenthood brings many proud and memorable …

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Puma eats poodle…

A tale of two kitties. And a dog In a landmark legal decision back in …

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Starbucks A storm in a coffee cup: cup with Starbucks logo. A big Starbucks drink

A storm in a coffee cup

In which someone tries to goad Starbucks in the name of ‘humor’ There’s been a …

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Storm in a teashop

Another food-related blog entry – this time, much do about nothing concerning muffins Another day, …

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Pho heavens’ sake!

A clash of Vietnamese restaurants that seemed tailor-made for headline writers In a story that …

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