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In today’s competitive marketplace, intellectual property protection is vital for businesses operating in the food and beverage industry. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a food manufacturer, a beverage producer, or an aspiring entrepreneur in the culinary world, understanding intellectual property rights and strategies is essential for safeguarding your unique creations, establishing brand identity, and gaining a competitive edge. Intellectual property plays a pivotal role in protecting your recipes, brand names, logos, packaging designs, and more, ensuring that your innovations and investments are properly secured.

Modern sensibilities catch up with brands fingers and strings like puppet

Cheers for cheese!

Modern sensibilities catch up with an established cheese brand In July 2020, following a long-running …

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Big brands need to follow the rules

Playing Silly Burgers

Even the biggest brands need to follow the rules Even the biggest brands need to …

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cheesy attempt to extend copyright protection: cheese in picture frame with tulips

Say Cheese!

A cheesy attempt to extend the range of copyright protection Can cheese be a work …

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Our blog features a wide range of topics at the intersection of intellectual property and the food and drink industry. From discussing the importance of trademarks for food and beverage brands, understanding the role of patents in culinary innovations, to exploring copyright issues related to recipes and food photography, our content caters to the diverse needs and interests of our esteemed readers. Whether you’re seeking guidance on protecting your food product or looking for insights into emerging intellectual property trends in the industry, our blog has you covered.

Nusret Gökçe A pinch of salt

Nusret Gökçe: A pinch of salt

A celebrity chef makes a move We were flicking through the internet this morning, wondering …

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Toblerone big brand battles

There can be only (tobler) one!

After the public outrage at the alarming rate of erosion suffered by a standard Toblerone …

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John Lemon-ade: Lemon

John Lemon-ade? Ono you don’t!

There’s no celebrity like a dead celebrity, at least as far as brand value is …

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Brand Heeler - Weetabix vs Weet-Bix cereal offenders

Cereal offenders

Another case of a business not trusting its consumers to be smart enough to distinguish …

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In the (Brew)Dog house

Another case of overzealous brand enforcement resulting in a bad hangover BrewDog, crafter of ‘punk’ …

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Chocolate mountains out of molehills

Shrinkflation hits Toblerones – good for profits but bad for the brand? As we have …

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Cronuts holes in donut brand protection

Completely Cronuts

Identifying holes in donut brand protection Exciting food brand-related news reveals that London’s first official …

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Oodles of noodles

Another day, another takeaway-related trade mark spat San Francisco is home to a small (two …

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Cadbury Egg on their face: colourful chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in foil

Cadbury: Egg on their face?

In which we get nostalgic and a little Proustian about chocolate Easter eggs Cadbury’s is …

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TTIP US food into the prized EU market: nice looking sausages

SOS: Save our Sausages!

Concerns over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership allowing cheap US food into the prized …

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Starbucks A storm in a coffee cup: cup with Starbucks logo. A big Starbucks drink

A storm in a coffee cup

In which someone tries to goad Starbucks in the name of ‘humor’ There’s been a …

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Cadbury: Which colour purple?

Cadburys attempt to lay claim to an entire chunk of the colour spectrum to sell …

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Storm in a teashop

Another food-related blog entry – this time, much do about nothing concerning muffins Another day, …

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Pho heavens’ sake!

A clash of Vietnamese restaurants that seemed tailor-made for headline writers In a story that …

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2 Kinds of Lager (and a packet of crisps, please?)

The latest battle in a seemingly interminable war between two beer brands There’s no end …

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