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Intellectual property (IP) plays a crucial role in the Australian business ecosystem, fostering innovation, protecting creative works, and ensuring fair competition. Understanding the nuances of IP law, policies, and practices in Australia is essential for individuals and businesses aiming to maximize the value of their intellectual assets, navigate legal frameworks, and foster growth.

Blog post title 'Will AI replace judges?' Brand Heeler Dog wearing Judges wig

AI Judges: The Future of Justice?

Artificial intelligence is being used to automate more and more tasks, including some that were …

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Blog title: KATIE PERRY vs KATY PERRY Trademark. Two disco girls fighting


Problems caused by sharing nearly the same name. The Federal Court of Australia has held …

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Blog post title: Buying and selling risks of tech businesses with image of digital tech people

Taking a risk

Buying and selling tech businesses in Australia In 2022 businesses worth over AUD55 billion were …

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Unveiling the Australian Intellectual Property Landscape

At, we specialize in providing in-depth analysis, expert insights, and practical guidance on intellectual property matters specific to Australia. Our team of seasoned professionals and legal experts is dedicated to delivering valuable information that empowers you to make informed decisions and navigate the complex world of intellectual property within the Australian context.

Our IP-focused blog posts and articles cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that you have access to the latest knowledge and insights related to intellectual property in Australia. From discussing trademark registration and patent protection strategies to exploring copyright laws, design rights, IP enforcement, and emerging trends in the Australian IP landscape, our content caters to the diverse needs and interests of our esteemed Australian readers.

Optus data breach

Optus data breach

Considering the consequences of one of the most significant Australian data breaches in recent years …

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Australian Crypto Convention title with yellow Lamborghini car

Australian Crypto Convention 2022

The inaugural AusCryptoCon was held in September 2022 on the Gold Coast, Qld. Last week, …

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Black Friday trade mark clash over a major retail event: sign and shopping. Shopping cart trolley with black bag in cart

Black Friday: Back in Black

A trade mark clash over a major retail event Black Friday is a US institution …

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Underarm Delivery sports advertising: batsman missing a cricket ball

Underarm Delivery

A very novel approach to sports advertising There’s hardly an aspect of modern professional sport …

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Adani - Bravus Damaged Brand: coal in open cut mining pit

Adani – Bravissimo

Bravissimo! A mining company skimps on its rebranding homework The Australian arm of the Adani …

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Bad Company how to name a business sign - title within a frame

Bad Company: Rude Limited

The fun and games to be had when registering a company’s legal name. When you …

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Brand Heeler - Weetabix vs Weet-Bix cereal offenders

Cereal offenders

Another case of a business not trusting its consumers to be smart enough to distinguish …

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Olympics World champions in brand protection: colourful medals

Don’t meddle with Olympic rights

When it comes to brand enforcement, the Olympics are world champions! The Olympics don’t come …

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Cadbury Egg on their face: colourful chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in foil

Cadbury: Egg on their face?

In which we get nostalgic and a little Proustian about chocolate Easter eggs Cadbury’s is …

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Peppa Pig gets sued

Pig gets Italian’s goat

Children’s favourite Peppa Pig gets sued by an irate Italian Poor Peppa Pig! She’s only …

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